Tres Leches – Dulgies, Iloilo

Tres Leches3 - Dulgies

Rating 5

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Red Velvet Cake – Dulgies, Iloilo

Red Velvet Cake Dulgies 2

Rating 5

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Maridel’s – Plazuela de Iloilo, Mandurriao, Iloilo City

This is a fantastic day for me! I got the time to visit this popular cafe in Iloilo – Maridel’s (located at Plazuela de Iloilo, Mandurriao, Iloilo City). I read several blog posts about Maridel’s and most if not all are really good reviews about their cafe. The praises they got on their cakes are impressive.

Maridels 1Maridels 3

They have this simple yet awesome place. It’s not really that spacious inside. Luckily, there are more seats outside to accommodate a number of customers. I felt comfortable there. It’s really a nice place to be alone for a while or to have some talks with friends while eating cakes.

Maridels 2

If you’re really a cake lover, you shouldn’t miss Maridel’s products. Some of their cakes are Red Velvet Cake, Heaven and Hell, Death by Chocolate, Carrot Walnut, Frozen Lemon Meringue, etc. Very interesting names? You really have to check their cafe because they have so much to offer (not only with cakes). Prices are quite expensive but definitely outstanding tastes.

death Maridels 3

Here is Maridel’s Death by Chocolate Cake, you could see my review about this HERE. It costs 100php (price may change). What I love about this cake is its explosive chocolate flavor. It truly tasted good.

Wow! Melon Maridel's2

Another delicious dessert from Maridel’s is their Wow Melon. I forgot the price. This is just one classy & unique ice cream. You could see my review about this product HERE. You must try this one!

Maridels 4

So that’s it for now about Maridel’s. Anyway, I will be visiting their cafe again… and again. I will be trying their Frozen Lemon Meringue for my next visit!


Maridel’s Location: Plazuela de Iloilo, Diversion Road, Mandurriao, Iloilo City

Maridel’s Telephone number: 5082253

Maridel’s Website:

Maridel’s Facebook Page:

Maridel’s Twitter:

Death by Chocolate Cake – Maridel’s, Iloilo

death Maridels 3

Rating 5

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Heavenly Cafe and Pastries – GT Plaza Mall, Molo, Iloilo City

One night, I’ve been searching the internet about this GT Plaza Mall located at Molo, Iloilo City. I was so happy to know that there is this so called Heavenly Cafe and Pastries there. After I read few articles about it, I decided to bring myself there the next day.

Heavenly Cafe and Pastries

Here I am! I was really stunned how spacious and clean their place is. This is one of the best cafes I had ever been. It’s a relaxing place. Additionally, you could enjoy free wifi connection here.

Heavenly CafeHeavenly Cafe Menu

Heavenly Cafe and Pastries serves variety of foods and drinks: desserts, burger, pasta, waffle, taco, coffee, tea latte, smoothie, etc. Just click the images above to see clearly the entire menu. I must say it’s more than a pastry shop. I was really amazed that they have lots to offer for their customers.

Heavenly Cafe Cakes and Pastries

Talking about desserts, you should not miss their delightful cakes! Because I am a fan of cheesecakes, I couldn’t be happier knowing that Heavenly Cafe serves different kinds of it. They have Caramel cheesecake, Blueberry cheesecake, Smores cheesecake, etc. By the way, try their French macaroons too.

Heavenly Cafe 1Heavenly Cafe 2

Here’s another cool thing with Heavenly Cafe and Pastries: the interior design of the cafe is outstanding. It’s really nice. I must say the place itself truly suits with the cafe’s name. Heavenly!

     Heavenly Cafe Foods

To satisfy my appetite, I ordered their Spicy Beef Taco (costs 55php, price may change), Caramel Cheesecake (costs 85php per slice, price may change), and one of their signature drinks which is Heavenly Blue Lemonade (costs 45php, price may change).

I loved the crunchiness of the Spicy Beef Taco. With the Heavenly Blue Lemonade (see my review about it HERE), it has this unique flavor. Prior to the Caramel Cheesecake (see my review about it HERE), it was a perfect dessert.

Wonderful and comfortable place plus delicious foods! What more could you ask for? You have to visit Heavenly Cafe and Pastries!


Heavenly Cafe and Pastries Location: GT Plaza Mall, Molo, Iloilo City

Heavenly Cafe and Pastries Telephone number: 0917 717 9332

Heavenly Cafe and Pastries Website:

Heavenly Cafe and Pastries Facebook Page:

Heavenly Cafe and Pastries Twitter:

Heavenly Blue Lemonade – Heavenly Cafe and Pastries, Iloilo

Heavenly Blue Lemonade - Heavenly Cafe 2

Rating 4.5

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Caramel Cheesecake – Heavenly Cafe and Pastries, Iloilo

Caramel Cheesecake - Heavenly Cafe 2

Rating 5

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JD Bakery and Cafe – Huervana St., Lapaz, Iloilo City

JD Bakery and Cafe located at Huervana St., Lapaz, Iloilo City is truly an excellent place to fill in your stomach. They are labeled as bakeshop but they do offer also foods perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do they serve delicious foods? Yes! Foods cost expensive? Absolutely no!

JD Bakery and Cafe Entrance

I brought my friend in JD Bakeshop to have our lunch. I was really surprised that it’s her first time to eat there. Since it’s just a walking distance from our school, I used to try their desserts and combo meals several times already.

JD Bakery and Cafe 1st floorJD Bakery and Cafe 2nd floor

It’s spacious! That’s another impressive thing about this JD Bakery and Cafe branch. They have ground floor and second floor. Even the interior of the bakeshop were designed perfectly. The place also maintains cleanliness. It’s definitely comfortable to stay here.

JD Bakery and Cafe Combo MealJD Bakery and Cafe Palabok

For our meal that day, I suggested my friend to pick their combo 3 since it’s one of my favorite combo meals in JD Bakeshop. For only 57php (price may change), you have that rice, chicken and macaroni salad on your plate. What more could you ask for? For my meal, I chose their Palabok with Chicken and I ordered an extra rice which cost me 78php (price may change) in total. I loved it! I had a hard time finishing my palabok since they gave me so much of it.

Additionally, some of my favorite foods in JD Bakeshop are Lomi, baked macaroni, ginat-an, and siomai.

JD Bakery and Cafe Decadent cake

And my most awaited part… a dessert from JD Bakeshop! I ordered their decadent cake. This costs 39php only (price may change). It’s probably the sweetest cake that I tasted in JD. See my review about it HERE.

Ube cake JD Bakery and Cafe Iloilotoffee bar - jd2JD Bakery and Cafe Mango Bar Brownie Iloilo

Here are some of the desserts that I ordered in JD Bakeshop: Ube Cake (see my review about it HERE), Toffee Bar (see HERE) and Mango Bar (see HERE).

Indeed, if you are talking about affordable and quality foods, JD Bakeshop should be on your list.


JD Bakery and Cafe’s Location:  Huervana St., Lapaz, Iloilo City

JD Bakery and Cafe’s Telephone number: 

JD Bakery and Cafe’s Website:

JD Bakery and Cafe’s Facebook Page:

JD Bakery and Cafe’s Twitter:

Decadent Cake – JD Bakery and Cafe, Iloilo

Decadent Chocolate Cake of JD

Rating 4.5

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Caffe Itallianni – Food Basket, La Salette bldg., Valeria St., Iloilo City

Let’s talk about this unplanned “cooling off” at Caffe Itallianni located inside Food Basket, La Salette building (between Dapli & Deco’s), Valeria St., Iloilo City. I said unplanned because it’s not in my to-do-list for this day. I was about to go home that time (I forgot the exact time but it was in the afternoon) after meeting with a friend when I noticed this Food Basket. I was intrigue about it. Nevertheless, I knew I could eat there!

Caffe Itallianni Whole Menu

So I went my way and I was surprised that there is a cafe inside. One of the two banches of Caffe Itallianni could be found here inside Food Basket. Actually, I never heard about Caffe Itallianni before. But not until now and I’m very happy to discover it. That photo which is a poster of the menu in Caffe Itallianni was actually taken after my stay in the said cafe. It’s located outside Food Basket. I didn’t noticed it when I came in. I only spotted it when I came out. Quite funny! I really don’t know why.

Caffe Itallianni

I felt comfortable with the cafe. From the chairs to the tables, I could really sense nativeness. It’s a peaceful place! I don’t know if that’s the case everyday but it’s really nice to stay there. The staffs also were awesome.

Caffe Itallianni Menu 1Caffe Itallianni Menu 2Caffe Itallianni Menu 3

Here’s Caffe Itallianni’s menu (enlarge the picture by clicking it). I first ask permission from the staff if I could borrow their menu & take few shots of it and she replied “Sure! You can take pictures (in Hiligaynon dialect)!” Thanks by the way! Hope I got your name! As you could see, they serve hot & iced coffee, tea, smoothies, Italian soda (which I will try next time), frost and pastries.

Caffe Itallianni cookieCaffe Itallianni Irish Cream

Here’s my order! No available cake that time so I just ordered a cookie plus this Irish Cream Frost. I hope I made a right combination. You could see my review about this Irish Cream Frost HERE. It will be a cake & an Italian soda for my next visit.

I almost forgot to add that Caffe Itallianni has a free WiFi!


Caffe Itallianni’s Location:  inside Food Basket, La Salette Building (between Dapli & Deco’s), Valeria St., Iloilo City (Near SM Delgado)

Caffe Itallianni’s Telephone number: 0926 698 3352

Caffe Itallianni’s Website:

Caffe Itallianni’s Facebook Page:

Caffe Itallianni’s Twitter: