Caffe Itallianni – Food Basket, La Salette bldg., Valeria St., Iloilo City

Let’s talk about this unplanned “cooling off” at Caffe Itallianni located inside Food Basket, La Salette building (between Dapli & Deco’s), Valeria St., Iloilo City. I said unplanned because it’s not in my to-do-list for this day. I was about to go home that time (I forgot the exact time but it was in the afternoon) after meeting with a friend when I noticed this Food Basket. I was intrigue about it. Nevertheless, I knew I could eat there!

Caffe Itallianni Whole Menu

So I went my way and I was surprised that there is a cafe inside. One of the two banches of Caffe Itallianni could be found here inside Food Basket. Actually, I never heard about Caffe Itallianni before. But not until now and I’m very happy to discover it. That photo which is a poster of the menu in Caffe Itallianni was actually taken after my stay in the said cafe. It’s located outside Food Basket. I didn’t noticed it when I came in. I only spotted it when I came out. Quite funny! I really don’t know why.

Caffe Itallianni

I felt comfortable with the cafe. From the chairs to the tables, I could really sense nativeness. It’s a peaceful place! I don’t know if that’s the case everyday but it’s really nice to stay there. The staffs also were awesome.

Caffe Itallianni Menu 1Caffe Itallianni Menu 2Caffe Itallianni Menu 3

Here’s Caffe Itallianni’s menu (enlarge the picture by clicking it). I first ask permission from the staff if I could borrow their menu & take few shots of it and she replied “Sure! You can take pictures (in Hiligaynon dialect)!” Thanks by the way! Hope I got your name! As you could see, they serve hot & iced coffee, tea, smoothies, Italian soda (which I will try next time), frost and pastries.

Caffe Itallianni cookieCaffe Itallianni Irish Cream

Here’s my order! No available cake that time so I just ordered a cookie plus this Irish Cream Frost. I hope I made a right combination. You could see my review about this Irish Cream Frost HERE. It will be a cake & an Italian soda for my next visit.

I almost forgot to add that Caffe Itallianni has a free WiFi!


Caffe Itallianni’s Location:  inside Food Basket, La Salette Building (between Dapli & Deco’s), Valeria St., Iloilo City (Near SM Delgado)

Caffe Itallianni’s Telephone number: 0926 698 3352

Caffe Itallianni’s Website:

Caffe Itallianni’s Facebook Page:

Caffe Itallianni’s Twitter:


  1. Jonathan says:

    New here and I have a feeling I will always be hungry reading your posts. Anyway, I will back read so as to convince myself to visit Iloilo once again.

    • KaiBril says:

      Thanks! Yes, you should visit here in Iloilo again. Medyo hindi pa ganun karami yung blog posts ko. Bago pa lang kasi itong blog ko. But I will be adding more soon :)

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