Death by Chocolate Cake – Maridel’s, Iloilo

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"rich chocolate taste"
  • Death by Chocolate Cake - Maridel’s, Iloilo


Who wouldn't love this "Death by Chocolate" cake of Maridel's in Plazuela de Iloilo? Aside from its very interesting name, it has also this rich chocolate taste.

I really wonder how they came up with this name of the cake. Death? Quite scary! I guess it's because of the explosive chocolate taste of this cake.

It's very sweet. It also looks stunning (as you could see in the picture). It costs 100php (price may change). I was completely satisfied with it, even though it's a bit pricey.

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  1. JunJun says:

    Grabe. Mukhang sikat ang Maridel’s na yan sa IloIlo ha.

  2. ZaiZai says:

    I don’t like chocolates or chocolate cakes that much but this one does look moist and yummy :) Love the name pa, parang may threat! :)

  3. […] is Maridel’s Death by Chocolate Cake, you could see my review about this HERE. It costs 100php (price may change). What I love about this cake is its explosive chocolate flavor. […]

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