Decadent Cake – JD Bakery and Cafe, Iloilo

Decadent Chocolate Cake of JD

Rating 4.5

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"superb sweetness"
  • Decadent Cake - JD Bakery and Cafe, Iloilo


I must say the Decadent Cake of JD Bakery and Cafe (located at Huervana St., Lapaz, Iloilo City) is delicious and affordable. This chocolate cake has a superb sweetness. The icing which could be spotted on the top, side and center of the cake was undeniably good.

I was quite intrigue about the name of this dessert which is "Decadent". Decadent/decadence on some dictionaries is defined as the art of decaying. If that's the meaning, it really made me wonder how come chocolate cakes are named as decadent. I did more research and found out that when it comes to food, decadent/decadence could be defined as extravagant or luxury.

Well, this extravagant slice of chocolate cake costs only 39php (price may change) & could be shared already by two persons.

By the way, see my review about "JD Bakery and Cafe – Huervana St., Lapaz, Iloilo City" HERE.

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  1. ZaiZai says:

    I’m going to Iloilo this weekend, hopefully I get to try this! The price is very reasonable compared to other cakes around :)

  2. JunJun says:

    Malamang dun tayo sa luxurious! hahahaha, wag naman decayed! Imagine! hahaha

  3. Tin says:

    Waahhh your posts makes me grow hungry!
    thanks a lot or the share <3

    love lots,

  4. Fiel-kun says:

    Hello Kai :)

    Wow food blogger ka pala, nice! Sarap naman nitong cake sa pic :D

    Salamat din pala sa pagbisita sa aking munting blog ^^
    Balik ka hah? XD

  5. BNP says:

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  6. […] And my most awaited part… a dessert from JD Bakeshop! I ordered their decadent cake. This costs 39php only (price may change). It’s probably the sweetest cake that I tasted in JD. See my review about it HERE. […]

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